Valérie's Harp Speakeasy 2022 - Subscription

Valérie's Harp Speakeasy 2022 - Subscription

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Subscription to private Facebook group "Valérie's Harp Speakeasy" - March 2022

Whether you are a professional, a student or if you play the harp just for fun, you'll benefit from this secret group, no matter your level and instrument type (levers/pedals).

You'll get exclusive access to:

- 4 technique circuits with video example, simplified and advanced versions;
- 4 wellness videos with specialists;
- 4 technique videos;
- 2 reflection videos about general aspects;
- 1 FAQ video in which Valérie will answer's group members questions;
- a special event on March 31 with many surprises.

This platform does not replace harp lessons. It was designed to accompany harpists in their development, and overall motivation.

Get your access now!

The publications on the group are totally bilingual (English and French).

Once the access is paid, simply subscribe to the group. Approbation delay is maximum 48 hours.

The group will be active from March 1st through March 31 2022 and all the publications will be accessible to members subsequently. You can join the group at any moment.